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Gilding The Lily is a confident new piece inspired by my original 2002 composition. It pays homage to a time in history that has greatly inspired me throughout my career. The lily - a classic Art Deco motif - is revived and refined. A clarified palette offers a new depth and sensuality to the piece. The composition is more succinct, with greater definition in the detail and complex tonal graduation. The lilies are rejuvenated and more finely rendered, with warmer tones, luscious deep greens in the leaves, delicate silvers and luminous yellow in the sensuous blooms. This affords the piece all the elegance of the Art Deco era, with smooth surfaces and sleek lines, it exudes the balance, opulence and grace of this timeless age.

A rare offering, Gilding The Lily is a significant original composition revived; a moment in time reimagined.

Oil on linen / 102x71cm / 40x28" / signed lower right corner 


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